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Big Red Sage

Prairie Phlox
  Black Dalea Prairie Verbena
  Black-Eyed Susan Purple Coneflower
  Black Foot Daisy Rock Rose
  Bluebells Scarlet Penstemon

Brazos Penstemon

Pink Skullcap
  Butterfly Milkweed Snake Herb
  Cut Leaf Daisy Square-Bud Primrose
  Flaxleaf Bouchea Texas Betony
  Fluttermills Texas Lantana
  Four Nerve Daisy Thoroughwort
  Foxglove Tropical Milkweed
  Frogfruit White Gaura
  Gayfeather White Milkweed
  Golden Eyed Daisy White Winecup
  Grey Shrub Sage Wooly Butterfly Bush
  Havard Penstemon Zexmenia
  Heartlead Hibiscus Agarita
  Ironweed Aromatic Sumac
  Larkspur Blue Shrub Sage
  Lavender Skullcap Canyon Mock Orange
  Lindheimer Senna Cenzio
  Majestic Sage Cherry Sage
  Mealy Blue Sage Flame Acanthus
  Mexican Bush Sage Fragrant Mimosa
  Mexican Marigold Mexican Oregano
  Pink Lantana Texas Indigo Bush
  Prairie Goldenrod Yellow Bells
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Home  |  Catalog  |  Plants for Shade & Part Shade  | Plants for Sun  |  Understory Trees  |  Helpful Links  | E-News | Price List Upon request we can ship plants for those who cannot come to the nursery. For this service we charge a $25 handling fee to take the plants to UPS for boxing and shipping. The cost of shipping is only known after UPS boxes and weighs/measures the box(s). A credit card number is required to chargethe costs to post UPS shipping is known.
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